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Caffè Haiti Roma Srl


Caffè Haiti Roma is a historic Italian roasting company based in Rome, that since 1950 has produced high quality coffee blends in beans, ground and in compostable pods and capsules, following the artisanal method worth of the best maestro roasters. The result is that “delight in the cup” appreciated both in Italy and abroad. In 2009, the company entered the world of Organic and Fairtrade coffee, creating a new line of espresso blends 100% certified Organic & Fairtrade. Following its quest for quality, Caffè Haiti Roma has also become a member of Istutito Espresso Italiano, to join IEI's mission to safeguard the quality of the Italian espresso through a sensory certification. As a result, Biocaffè Gran Miscela both won the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting (2015 and 2020 editions) and became the first ever Organic and Fairtrade espresso blend to obtain the certification of Italian Espresso.
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