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Caffè Duetto srl


CAFFE' DUETTO is the Italian espresso PLEASANT ON THE PALATE and FRIEND OF HEALTH, because it has a LOW NATURAL CONTENT OF CAFFEINE (certified up to 1.2%), and, the same time, RICH IN BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES SUCH AS ANTIOXIDANTS (certified up to 660 mg / 7 g).
Mild on the palate, delicately aromatic, naturally sweet


The extraordinary story of our Caffè Duetto was born in the 90s, when our founder, thanks to his 35 years entrepreneurial experience in the Food and Horeca sector, and intrigued and fascinated by the world of coffee, entrusted a specialized firm to make a market research regarding the consuption of Espresso in Italy and in the World!
The research pointed out taste-change and a precise request for a new cup of coffee.

Most of the Italian coffees on the market still today are defined by consumers STRONG, BITTER, HARD, SOMETIMES EVEN EVEN DRINKABLE ... with the consequence of drinking less and less ... or preferring alternatives such as cappuccinos, ginseng, barley ... The problem is not related to the espresso extraction method (which on the contrary is still the best today to extract the organoleptic properties of the coffee bean) but to the selection of coffee by Italian roasters: coffees naturally very rich in caffeine, a bitter substance by its very nature, that covers every scent.

In the meantime, various research institutes worldwide began to carry out studies on the effects of caffeine on health, all reaching the same conclusion: up to 300/400 mg of caffeine per day bring positive effects to the body, beyond this threshold the effects become harmful : PALPITATIONS, GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS, DIARRHEA, INSOMNIA , ULCERS (es "The Risk Assessment Caffeine " of EFSA - European Food Safety Authority).

Following all this guidelines , we have obtained extraordinary blends, mild on the palate, delicately aromatic, naturally sweetfor which IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO DRINK UP TO 5 CUPS before reaching the recommended threshold of 400 mg of caffeine per day, with NUMEROUS BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES, not only on the PALATE, but also on HEALTH: relieves migraine, it is an excellent cardiotonic, facilitates digestion and, because of the richness of antioxidants, helps to slow down the aging process of cells.

Our Top Blend goes even so far as to contain ONLY 1.2% OF NATURAL CAFFEINE: it is an extraordinary data, absolutely the lowest of the values declared today by the Italian Espresso Brands on the market (actually, there are very few who declare it- volunteers- since coffee labelling has no particular constraints).

A comparative study was carried out between The Duetto Blends and those of other well-known Italian brands significant in the market. Duetto’s results were far superior to all brands analysed, generating a striking combination with the low content of caffeine.

• COMPLETE PRODUCT RANGE: coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, compostable pods and compatible capsules (nespresso, Dolce Gusto, A Modo Mio, EspressoPoint/Fap, coffee liqueur, chocolate coffee beans, flavored coffee and tea in compostable pods and compatible capsules

• PACKAGING 100% multilingual packaging (Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, Italian) with indication on the label of the antioxidant power and the content of caffeine

• INTERNATIONA BRAND - work of the American artist Stefany Carter.

• COMMUNICATION: www.duetto.it (Italian and English)(www.caffeduetto.it (new web site); facebook (CaffeDuetto), Instagram (duetto)

• Duetto is a Production (Roasting) and Marketing Company
• Production site based in Apulia (Italy)
• Processing of only mild coffee blends
• Advanced technology with new generation computerised roasting plant
• Air roasting, Air cooling
• Complete production area: Raw Coffee beans Preservation Room - Roasting and Packaging – Roasted Coffee Maturation Room
• Production potential of 8000 kg per day

Company Profile requests (with EFSA studio) to export@duetto.it

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