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Our brand took is name from a Sicilian expression used to indicate a sense of satisfaction and well-being about something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and which tickles our senses, satisfying our desire.

Scialari is a network of cooperatives and producers acting in the Sicilian territory that wants to look at the world in an innovative, sustainable, healthy and ethical way. Scialari leaves from Sicily to make the excellence of local products accessible worldwide. History, traditions, taste and responsible consumption are part of our mission. Recovering the existing value between food and health and helping the territory to grow are our main goal.

Our task is to connect producers to consumers, creating growth opportunities for the firsts and ensuring awareness and accessibility to the seconds, supporting the cooperative and collaborative model. Our ambition is to contribute to the growth of the social capital for the development of local communities.

Scialari offers the products of the Sicilian regional tradition, handcrafted by local cooperatives respecting the rhythms of the seasons and traditional wisdom, in an innovative and sustainable way. We have chosen as a priority the protection of the characteristics, seasonality and traditions against the values of quantity and continuity. For this reason, the products will not always be available and will alternate with the flow of the seasons and production.

With this vision we offer quality food products, coming from virtuous realities linked to the Sicilian territory, aimed at a conscious consumption and at the rediscovery of the relationship between food and wellness. We bring to the tables of the whole world typical productions and ancient recipes, adding small instructions for use to accompany you in the recovery of the healthy and sustainable traditions of our grandparents.
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