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In Tolentino, a tiny hamlet in the Macerata province, in the heart of the Italian region Le Marche, where traditions still taste of ancient times, Mr. Nello Lucentini, helped and supported by his wife Carolina, founded « Tre Mori » in 1951.
He started his cereal roasting “company” at the ground floor of his own home, by using a small 15kg toaster machine.
Strongly pushed by her wife's passion and love for chocolate and nougats, he also inaugurated few years later the laboratory for the confectionery production of these latter.
Our passion, the extensive experience and the choice to embrace the organic philosophy since 1971 lead the company to the development (after an accurate R&D process) of a new laboratory where the production of the new cereal bars range is carried out, based on cereals and dried fruit they are 100 natural, functional, gluten free and organic .The creation of this new line was pursued to satisfy the needs of the new consumers, smart, health&fitness conscious, but not willing to give up to unique tastes and fragrances.
We wanted not just bars but something to enjoy a break or a quick meal, able to provide the right amount of nutritional values, benefits and taste, for a short break of pleasure and wellness.
The organoleptic features of our bars are unmatched: natural, rich in fibres, vitamins, omega3 and minerals.
Tre Mori is one of the few companies that follows the production in all phases of the supply chain: from the choice of farmers exclusively our region, to sowing (seeds with certificates of originality, not genetically modified), to cultivation without the use of chemicals, up to the slow and low temperature roasting process thus giving a certified product.

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