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Sicily Food srl is a company based in Sicily, Italy where salmon, tuna, swordfish, octopus and cod where processed and confected for the best italian and international retail chains. Constantly research of the best raw materiales, salting by hand and use of avanguarde tecnologies as the keys of our success.

Fresh and frozen fish
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Bottarga - Mullet Roe L'Oro di Cabras

Bottarga, is a Sardinian delicacy of cured fish roe.
The Manca brothers have been running this fishing business since 1930s, when the founder Antonio established his small workshop in Cabras. The small city, dating back to the Phoenician period, is close to the Mistras Lagoon, separated from the sea by two land strips, ideal habitat for cormorants, ospreys, herons and pink flamingos.
In this environment everything contributes to
produce an extraordinary bottarga, from the sea, where the mullet feed, to the clear and
uncontaminated air, up to the climate, especially suitable for the natural drying .
The richness of coastal lagoons on the island territory origins
the ancient tradition of mullet roe drying, which becomes the famous Sardinian bottarga.
The Manca brothers use the same hand-made process for the two types of bottarga they produces, which differentiate only for the origin of the mullets

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Fillet Heart - Fish&Fine
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HO.RE.CA. Line - Smoked Fish Steaks Chilled or Frozen

Tuna, salmon , swordfish, octopus, marlin and cod sides presliced, and regular
slice packs, in formats designed specifically for large events. Interleaved solutions to facilitate service and simply regular slices to allow free interpretation for chefs.

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Natural Salmon- Fish&Fine
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Organic Smoked Fish - Fish&Fine

The Organic Smoked Salmon of the Fish and Fine's line, realized by Sicily Food, is given by sustainable marine resources and grain grown with biological practices.

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Smoked Carpacci Fish&Fine

A light smokiness makes these cuts the ideal solution to propose wonderful
salmon, tuna, sword and cod carpaccios, combining them with the tenderness of
natural octopus. Packs of 80 grams.

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Smoked Fish & Fine

The assortment of smoked fish in their most classic and timeless form.

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Smoked Fish in vacuum pack - Fish&Fine
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