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Nicola Fragasso -pasticceria cioccolateria

bakering, chiccolate and typical sweet

Bread and other baked goods
Pastry and Biscuits
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Nonno Luigino S.S.A.

Bronze-drawn Durum Wheat Pasta, made with the wheat we produce.
We are both farmer and pasta maker!
Traceability & Real Taste & From the heart of the Countryside

Gragnano method IGP guaranteed. Protected Geography Indication (PGI)
100% home produced Italian wheat
All forms bronze-drawn
Slow desiccation at low temperature
Water from the springs of the Lattari mountains

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Gastronomy, ethnic foods and diverse prepared foods (including stock cubes and extracts, dressings, sauces and ready-made ragù)
Organic and dietary food products
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From inzolia white grapes, we produce our "charmat wine".
N.36, as a tribute of red roses, it is a gift to a special woman, to remember the most beautiful moments lived together.
It's a lively white, with a persistent effervescence and an intense perfume of yellow pulp fruit.
Due to its delicacy it can be an "all meal" white.

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Naga morich chili pepper 92%, extra virgin olive oil, salt

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Naga Morich Yellow Chili Pepper Cream (30 g)

"Mondopeperoncino" is our spicy line.

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Nakrì Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico

Classification: D.O.C.G. Classico
Wine: Red
Grapes Variety: Nero d'Avola 60% Frappato 40%
Aging Process: bottle-aged for 6 months
Color: Garnet red intense
Aroma: Hints of little red fruits, licorice in the background, lighr notes of chocolate
Flavor: Full, warm with tannin balanced
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Gastronomic accompaniments: Red meats, game and aged cheeses such us Ragusano D.O.P.

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Nakrì Vittoria Frappato Doc

Classification: D.O.C.
Wine: Red
Grapes Variety: Frappato
Aging Process: 2 months on bottles
Color: Cherry red
Aroma: Intense with notes of red fruits, strawberry, billberry and black pepper
Flavor: Rightfully tannic
Alc. content: 12.5%
Gastr. accompaniments: Fat fish, Raw fish, sushi and salami

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Nakrì Vittoria Nero d'Avola Doc

Classification: DOC
Wine: Red
Grapes Variety: Nero d'Avola
Aging Process: 5 months on bottle
Color: Deep red with garnet reflex
Aroma: Hints of red fruits like raspberry, marasca cherry and morello cherry. Chocolate and licorice
Flavor: Warm, robust, balanced with generous but soft tannins
Alc. content: 13.5%
Gastr. accompaniments: Pastas stuffed flavoursome.Braised red meats. Caciocavallo Dop Ragusano

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Napoletana sauce 350 grams

Italian tomato purée, italian diced tomatoes, onions, sunflower oil, basil, sugar, extra virgin
olive oil, sea salt, garlic.

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Natura - Food Service
Italia - Marche
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No add sulphites wine

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Natural Almonds - Italian Origin

Natural almonds - Italian Origin 230 grams

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Natural Flavored extra virgin olive oils

These extra virgin olive oils are produced following a natural method, simply crushing ripe olives and fresh citrus fruits or herbs together, without adding essences. They are high quality dressings, with a delicate and pleasant fragrance.

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Natural honey

The production of this wildflower honey takes place with strictly natural methods in a charming farmhouse between Ispica and Pachino. The artisanal hives are cared for with love and dedication in absolute respect for bees, for their protection and continuous reproduction.

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Natural Honey Consorzio Agrario di Sardegna

For nearly a century the Consorzio Agrario di Sardegna has been supporting and enhancing the work of local farmers by selecting their best natural products. The Consorzio produce several types of honey from specific Sardinia native blooms, adopting natural beekeeping caring method and only minimal interventions by man.
Corbezzolo Honey is the most fine and rare among Sardinian honey, it has a rather bitter taste. It is known for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
To produce this honey quality, bees have to be moved to the mountains of Sardinia and the honey has to be collected only during winter season.
Macchia Mediterranea Honey: this is a “millefiori” honey typical of the Sardinian mountain areas, where the wild flowering of Macchia Mediterranea create every year a new and rich spicy taste.
Citrus Honey: its aroma is very intense and resembles the orange flower perfume. Its taste is very fresh and sweet.

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Natural Salmon- Fish&Fine
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Natural White

Precious blend of white Fiano and Moscato grapes.

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Pork fat 42%, pork meat 30%, chili pepper 25%, extra virgin olive oil, salt

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Nea Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Rosato Agricola Soi

The AGRICOLA SOI is a small winery in Nuragus (Sardegna, Italy) with the mission to protect local values
and traditions. The project was started by its founder Stefano Soi with the idea to
emphasize the cultural aspects of agriculture.

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Neapolitan delicacies (sweet and savoury)

Neapolitan delicacies (sweet and savoury): shell-shaped pastry sfogliatelle the Riccia (shell-shaped) and the Frolla, which uses short-crust dough , pastiere (made of shortcrust pastry, ricotta, lemon, orange flower water and candied fruit ) , pastries, panini napoletani (Neapolitan rolls)

Arca srl
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Neapolitan pasta sauce

Size 180 g | 340 g | 500 g | 680 g | 1000 g

Delikatesse s.r.l.
Italia - Campania
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Neapolitan pesto

Size 180 g | 500 g | 1000 g

Delikatesse s.r.l.
Italia - Campania
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Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC apricots - 350 g

Apricots with Nebbiolo wine, ideal to guarnish cakes, to enjoy with ice-cream or simply eaten alone.

Italia - Piemonte
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Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC peaches - 350 g

Peaches in Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC wine, ideal for garnishing cakes, to enjoy with ice cream or simply to be eaten on their own.

Italia - Piemonte
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Nebrodi black pig sauce

An innovative, new and highly prestigious product.

An ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation with impeccable attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients.
The breeding of this pig has very ancient origins. Suffice it to say that in the times of the Greeks and Carthaginians there were already farms of this pig.

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A work of art, natural, authentic, elegant wine.

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